a paradigm shift for female actors

The Muse Project is a paradigm shift for female actors.

The Muse Project is an initiative that moves female actors to the center by charging them to identify and generate the roles they want to play. It is an actor-driven process. In partnership with New Georges, and with additional support from The New Group and Abingdon Theatre Company, the pilot year of The Muse Project is well underway. Jocelyn Kuritsky is the lead curator and Artistic Director. Brian Long (Brian Long Artist Management), Susan Bernfield (New Georges), Ian Morgan (The New Group), Alek Deva, and Lanie Zipoy are associate producers.

The project can take on a myriad number of forms: anything from a perfect, tailored monologue to the inception of an avant-garde dance/theater piece to the completion of a full-length, narrative play. The Muse Project team will assist each actor individually and help her to create a dream team of collaborators (actors, writers, directors, musicians, etc.). She will be given the time, space, and other resources necessary to arrive at a semblance of a first iteration, usually through a workshop process termed Mini Muse. Then, the piece will be shared with an audience to incite discussion and further development of the piece.

Please support The Muse Project with a tax-deductible contribution, to help us pay all collaborators generously for their energy and talents. Together, we can raise the industry standards of compensation for the new work development process.

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